Romance on Scafell Pike

Hiking is possibly not the first romantic activity you would think of, and perhaps Scafell Pike is probably not the most romantic destination to come to mind however many couples would disagree. There are increasing numbers of hikers, both experienced and novice who have chosen this area for a romantic day trip or even a honeymoon and with good reason.


There are a variety of Lake District weekend breaks available which cater for those who enjoy the fresh air and down to nature atmosphere of camping and also those looking for luxury self catering lake district breaks. Whichever is your preference there is something here for you. With excellent services and deluxe rooms available it is easy to turn a three hour climb up the Pike into a long weekend in beautiful surroundings.

A Route For Everyone

Whether couples are new to hiking or experienced there are a range of routes up to the summit, all of which vary in difficulty.

Corridor Route

This is the gentlest ascent making this perfect for couples who are happy with an easier climb.


This route starts from the Scafell Pike car park at Wasdale Head is the quickest route. This track skirts the lower slopes of Lingmill until the track meets Lingmill Gill. Once walkers have moved up to Brown Tongue there are two alternatives, ascending to the summit via Hollow Stones or a trickier climb through the more scenic Mickledore which connects the Sca Fell and Scafell Pike.


The Scafell Pike Eskdale routes are considerably longer being approximately fifteen miles for the round trip long as opposed to the seven miles from routes such as the Wasdale Head ascent route. This longer hike, which should only be undertaken by experienced hikers and in fair weather is well worth the effort due to the beautiful Cam Spout waterfalls.

There are many routes to choose from and while there are sections where partners may stroll hand in hand do be aware that there are also boulders to navigate or even scramble over. Research your route carefully and consider purchasing a Scafell Pike OS map as there is little less romantic than a route that is simply too difficult or even dangerous for your ability level.

The Views

Being the highest mountain in England the Scafell Pike views are unbelievably beautiful. There are a number of Scafell Pike photos which document the view however seeing them up high with your own eyes is significantly more breath-taking (and not just because of the altitude).

On a clear day you are able to see the Isle of Man, Windermere and even Snowdonia from the highest point. These are most definitely views to be shared.

A Romantic Picnic

The shortest route for experienced hikers takes approximately two to three hours from base to the summit so taking food rations is a must. While champagne on a mountainside, is a no-go (that can wait until later!) there is no reason why a break either on the way up to the highest point or at the summit shouldn’t include a lovely picnic!

Hiking up Scafell Pike can be incredibly romantic if amazing panoramic views, being amongst nature at it’s finest, a picnic and time together is your thing. Many other couples thoroughly enjoy a romantic trip up the beautiful Scafell Pike together.

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