Scafell Pike Useful Information

Scafell Pike Emergency Procedures:Irrespective of whichever Scafell Pike routeyou choose, it is always best to plan your route in advance, make sure that you have a good map and reliable compass, check the weather before you start – and be prepared for it to change quickly!

No matter how well prepared you may be, accidents can still happen, and there is a mountain rescue team available for those who get injured or lost. A mountain rescue is initiated by dialling 999 and asking for the police. Explain your situation and (if known) your whereabouts.

The police will contact the mountain rescue team, who will call you back. For this reason, whenever attempting a Scafell Pike walk, make sure that you also carry a fully charged mobile phone and, once you have made an emergency call, stay exactly where you are to ensure that you continue to receive a signal to your phone.

We know that miscellaneous ring tones can be annoying when you are walking through the peaceful countryside of Scafell Pike, but that irritating ring tone might just direct you to where a signal is available and save your life!

Please take the time to read our equipment page where you can get useful information on some items you have overlooked, but you really should be taking with you.

Scafell Pike for the Disabled

Although a Scafell Pike walk to the summit is unsuitable for most disabled people (it has been done!), there are plenty of more appropriate walks available in the Lake District on the Walks with Wheelchairs web site. Motorised scooters can be hired in Kendal from Kendal Shopmobility, who recommended that you book in advance

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