Routes for Team Building Days

When it comes to corporate days out which are focussed on a team getting to know each other and explore their skill sets, there are few places better suited than Scafell Pike.

Many retreats and team building exercises are booked by groups looking to solidify their team’s relationships, and the feedback received afterwards has always been amazingly very positive.

Accommodation Near Scafell Pike

There is a wealth of Scafell Pike accommodation available from Lake District log cabins to camping around the Scafell Pike area. Choosing accommodation with access to a communal area, be this indoors or out ensures that there is adequate space for the group to get together before the hike to discuss plans and roles and afterwards to evaluate and debrief. Do ensure that if team members are not travelling together that everyone has the correct coordinates or post codes for meeting. The area is  large, and there isn’t a single ‘entrance’! You could find yourselves on opposite sides of the mountain if you don’t clarify this.

Scafell Pike Routes Suitable for Team Building

There are a wide range of routes available which will get you from the base of the mountain to the summit. It is essential that the route chosen takes into account everyone’s skill level. A novice hiker will struggle on the Scafell Pike Eskdale routes as these are longer (15 miles return trips) and significantly harder to climb, conversely the Scafell Pike from Wasdale walks may prove to be a little too easy which means that team members will not get a chance to really show off their skills.

Some routes are not appropriate in certain weathers therefore it is important that someone within the group takes responsibility for checking the Scafell Pike weatherreports in advance.

Team Roles

The whole point of a Scafell Pike hike which has been arranged as part of a team building exercise is for those involved to work as a team. Within any team you will find a variety of abilities, and each person should be given the opportunity to hold a responsible role for some aspect of the route. Suggestion for some roles is as follows:

  • Navigation: The person or people in charge of navigation will be in charge of the compass and the Scafell Pike map. It is essential that the navigation section of the team work together to assess the route in advance and familiarise themselves with landmarks which will make conquering the ascent without getting lost easier.
  • Health and Safety / Equipment: At least one member of the team if not more should be in charge of ensuring that everyone has the equipment, food and drink that they will need. It would make sense for the person taking on this role to also have some first aid training and carry the first aid kit.
  • Team Leader: The team leader is responsible for ensuring that everyone pulls together as a team, sets challenges, delegates where appropriate and ensures that those with specific roles such as navigation remain on task.

A Challenge!

Climbing the Scafell Pike mountain is a challenge itself and part of team building is to pull together to overcome challenges and make sure that the team all succeed at their set goals. Why not add an extra layer to the physical challenge and climb the mountain for charity?

Many team building trips gain sponsorship for a local or national charity and their success ensures that that charity benefits with much needed funds. Aside from the obvious benefit to the charity this provides a great PR opportunity for the business or organisation and gives the team that extra boost they need to keep going and continue working together.