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The area around Scafell Pike is steeped in history which obviously seeps into the local fare. Along with traditional places to eat there are also modern alternatives so you can choose just how much of the local culture you embrace.

The Lake District is famed for its high class restaurants and great food all year round, however there are also wonderful family cafes and cheaper alternatives that ensure you consume tasty calories for less, before and after your hike.

Pub Grub

There are many public houses around Scafell Pike, each one giving great views of the area. Food ranges from gourmet to simplistic depending on your taste. Hikers who take the more demanding routes, such as the steep ascent alongside the Esk River, a large lunch isn’t recommended as it can cause lethargy and sluggishness. Those taking gentler routes can of course enjoy a feast, as long as the climb is slow with plenty of stops.

A lot of calories are burned climbing Scafell Pike so a delicious meal is an apt reward for completing the challenge!

Self Catering

Many people understandably choose to take their own picnics up Scafell Pike. The views are amazing and there are many places to stop to enjoy the view.


It is of course essential that you consume enough calories for your hike as even the shortest route is over 3 hours long. Make sure you have snacks with you and plenty of water. Many hikers find that eating little and often combats that feeling of sluggishness while maintaining energy levels.

Did You Know?

Kendal Mint Cake, the energy booster of choice for Everest mountaineers, is made just a stone’s throw away from Scafell Pike.

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