What’s In The Valleys Around Scafell Pike?

Scafell Pike can be accessed from three different Lake District valleys: Borrowdale, Wasdale and Great Langdale. All three are beautiful in their own unique way, with each valley offering you a different route to the summit of Scafell Pike.

A Getting Started Guide: Geocaching

Let’s start by exploring what Geocaching is. Geocaching is a GPS assisted treasure hunting game. Millions of geocaches (containers) are hidden in specific locations all around the world, and can be hunted and found using a GPS enabled device to track their locations. Once you locate a Cache, you will find the surprise contents. Firstly you sign the logbook and then you choose to take the treasure and replace it with something else, for the next person to find, or to leave it behind, in the way it was before you found it.

The History of Scafell Pike

Scafell Pike has been attracting walkers up its steep, rocky sides for hundreds of years. With breath taking views across the Lake District from the summit and a challenging, rocky climb to put even the most seasoned hill walkers to the test, Scafell Pike offers a challenging – but truly rewarding experience! We delve in a little deeper into its fascinating history.

A Getting Started Guide: Hiking

Hiking is a great sport because at its core, it is one of the most fundamental activities that humans are designed to do. Walking through a landscape is the simplest and purest way to experience any environment, and it’s exceptionally healthy for you as well. It is also for everybody. No person is ever too old or young, too unhealthy or too poor to go for a walk if they feel motivated and are able to do so.

Best walks in The Lake District

The Greatness of England’s countryside lies in the understated richness and character that reveals itself as you experience its rustic beauty. These walks in the Lake District allow for exactly that to occur, and are chosen because of the unique ways in which they focus your thoughts, senses, feelings and impressions. By walking, scrambling and strolling along their routes, you become the lens that focuses your encounter on aspects of the rich charm and expansive majesty that is found in abundance throughout the English countryside.